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"Come for the Networking and Stay for the Shifts"

Women's Podcast Industry Network
for women & non-binary people that are building an empire from purpose within the world of podcasting. 
The Women's Podcast Industry Network exists to guide you further towards reaching YOUR next-level wherever you are in your journey and whatever it is you are working on while also creating opportunities for networking with high-achieving women & non-binary people doing the same. 
We believe real growth and expansion happens when we come together, collaborate, and hold each other up. 
Are you ready for the magic?!✨
Our approach is tailored to honor YOU in all areas that support your Success: 
Wellness, Mindset, Professional, Personal and Projects
The resources we've created inside this membership are designed to honor these areas of wellness, mindset, professional and projects, as we believe they are all inter-connected and contribute to growing your success. 
We believe the process towards your success begins as an inner-process.

  The Women's Podcast Industry Membership Includes:
-Curated Networking Opportunities- 
From quarterly virtual networking events and in-person meet-ups (the latter coming soon) to weekly standing meetings that you can jump into with others to bounce your ideas off of someone new or share feedback or to just casually meet a new member. 
Additionally, we have dedicated chat spaces to discuss goals and hurdles with each other. 
A dedicated space for podcasters and podcast guests to swap guesting opportunities, promos, feeddrops or to collaborate in another way with an aligned matching system to streamline this process, as well as complimentary organizational SOP templates you can utilize for this process. 
-Expand Your Knowledge-
 With our invited Expert-led Workshops and Member-led Workshops. 
You can expect Expert-led Workshops to happen every-other-month and Member-led Workshops monthly (*subject to scheduling availability) 
-Share your Knowledge & Offerings- 
You can apply to lead a workshop of your own inside our Goddess-Workshops space 
Add YOUR business or services discounts or free offers to our Goddess Members- Freebies & Bonuses space.


-A Library of Growing Resources- 
We'll be indexing all teachings and adding to our resources constantly as the membership continues to grow.
  Plus These Features:
Weekly journal prompts & daily inspiration that align with our Boss-Goddess Success Framework. 
A listing of your podcast-related business or service in our "Women in Podcasting Business Directory".
Access to all freebies and discounts offered by AHM, our sponsors or members. 
Access to our Guided Meditation Series 
Access to the All-Goddess Feed & Offical Content Feed 
Exclusive invitations to all networking events and workshops 





Being here means expansion, positivity, empowerment, growth, wellness and connection! 

We champion women and historically under-represented voices and this space and membership is designed to elevate our voices as individuals and as a collective.
👇 Join the movement! 👇
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