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CREATE Expansion

*There is no obligation & all information shared will remain private and for internal use only. 

Some amazing benefits of creating your own branded podcast:

  • Get further insights on engaged audience (potential clients or community) w/ analytics
  • Increase awareness of brand values & the Like, Know, Trust Factor weekly
  • Build thought-leadership
  • EXPAND & ELEVATE your professional network by inviting established thought-leaders in your desired niche onto your show
  • Easily create more partnerships & call-to-actions
  • Easily create more marketing products like blogs or newsletters from your episodes
  • Become EVEN clearer on brand definition & goals
  • Sooooo much more!

A Message from our CEO & Founder - Christina Barsi

Dear Creative Leader,

There is nothing I love more than getting deep, cultivating inspiring conversations and expanding the messages of those we need to hear from more.

(That's you!)

Avant Haüs Media was born out of my own need to develop my voice and purpose, as well as to normalize the human experience by sharing it authentically through the intimate and safe space podcasting creates.


We have been elevating the way PURPOSE-DRIVEN businesses & brands like yourself, deliver more value, more authenticity and more engagement by hyper-focusing on heart-led goals at the center of the desired achievements with our clients since 2018.


With a tailored-to-you long-term media strategy that leverages the power of podcasting and that naturally aligns with business (also a long-term strategy), you will have a growth partner that not only creates and distributes your podcast but builds your business and brand to higher heights.

Our process is designed to define and redefine your goals so that you're always actively pursuing new ones as others are met by creating a unique success plan for you.

*To get a quote & see if we are an aligned partner for you just click below to fill out our questionnaire 👇

💗 We look forward to hearing from you! 

*There is no obligation & all information shared will remain private and for internal use only. 

What is included:

A Full Podcast Development & Production Partner

 Your experience will be completely hands-on with an expert to guide you every step of the way. Whether it be developing your show concept & fine-tuning your message or coaching your host in session, we make sure that you are fully guided towards success. We will create the entire runway from ideation/creation to launch and beyond.

Our team is U.S-based & all Women-Identifying.

A Full Service On-Going Podcast Team

Not only will all of your podcast distribution, production & guest booking schedules, SEO-freindly show notes & titles, episode outlines, and in-session production be handled for you but you will also have on-going podcast consulting, and monthly podcast analytics so you can get back to doing what you do best: changing the world.

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Let's see if we're aligned!

Just answer a few Q's to get started and get your free quote!

*There is no obligation & all information shared will remain private and for internal use only. 
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