Whether you're an individual, a company or a brand, we want to elevate your values and empower your voice.  


We will design a creative process to lead you down the easiest path that is most aligned with YOUR vision and execute the highest quality podcast production. 


And voilà! Your dreams have become a reality.

Why Empower the Creator?

Because your voice is our voice. And the world needs your vision, your energy, your perspective, your truth...your reflection so that the community you connect with can be lead by your creations and we can continue to diversify from the ground up.
We believe in no-gatekeepers. The key to success is to deep dive into who you are & be brave enough to let the world hear from you. We're here to help you do that. Whether your message needs discovering or facilitating or both, we want to empower you & guide you through it. 
If you're ready to start creating, collaborating & expressing your unique message to the world then you're in the right place. Let's get started.
We'll see you on the other side. 

"Your voice is ALREADY Authentic

Your perspective is ONLY your own

Your lens can only be seen through YOU

Your FIRE is lit by things that Inspire YOU



Christina Barsi - Founder

I have always embraced an indie culture approach to all of my art (watch my documentary Is Anyone Listening-A Podcast Story & you'll know what I mean). I love podcasting because it embodies the spirit of the freelancer & the independent artist. But it works best when we collaborate with like-minded individuals with similar visions to create the magic needed to all rise together. To elevate not only ourselves but each other & in turn society. I believe this kind of heart & passion is uniquely spirited by the indie artist. Those of us who wear way more hats than would ever be fashionably suitable. 
It is my passion to help you blaze that trail in the most supported, easy, light & joyful way possible. We don't have to go it alone. We don't have to struggle through the process & I'm here to tell you that you can have it all. When you succeed we all succeed. 
Lets keep art in the hands of the artist. By the people, for the people. I'll show you how to get started, keep going & create the stuff your dreams are made of. Let's go.
The Barsi Basics:
Barsi is a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach & an interdiciplinary artist who studied the craft of acting with Steppenwolf Theatre Co., Shakespeare & Co., Second City & acquired her BA in Theatre Arts from UC San Diego. She began writing, podcasting, directing, voice over acting & producing in 2013 with her science fiction noir series DIMENSION. Then went on to write, produce and star in the Filmquest nominated documentary short film Is Anyone Listening-A Podcast Story about the creation of DIMENSION, premiering at the Scifi-London Film Festival. After the festival run, Barsi opened up shop for more podcast production and consulting and here we are!
Watch the documentary trailer that began it all.. 
Is Anyone Listening - A Podcast Story Official Trailer

Is Anyone Listening - A Podcast Story Official Trailer

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