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WPIN Press Release

Avant Haüs Media Launches The Women’s Podcast Industry Network, Focusing on Self-Care to Offset Girl-Boss-Hustle-Culture

WPIN Press Release

[Los Angeles, February 19, 2024] — Today, Avant Haüs Media proudly announces the launch of The Women’s Podcast Industry Network, a groundbreaking initiative designed to create a supportive and empowering space for women and non-binary individuals in the world of podcasting. With a keen awareness of the pressing need to balance ambition with self-care, the networking membership aims to redefine the narrative surrounding success in the podcasting industry.

The Women’s Podcast Industry Network: Come for the networking, stay for the shifts

In an era dominated by hustle culture, Avant Haüs Media recognizes the importance of fostering a community where individuals can pursue their professional goals with a focus on self-care. The Women’s Podcast Industry Network seeks to provide a safe haven for women and non-binary podcasters, those working within podcasting and founders of podcast-related businesses, by acknowledging the value of well-being in the pursuit of professional aspirations.

"We believe that success in the podcasting industry should be accompanied by a sense of fulfillment and well-being," says Christina Barsi, Founder and CEO of Avant Haüs Media. "Our membership is committed to nurturing both professional and personal growth by focusing on “the you behind the do” so to speak, offering a unique approach to building empires from purpose within the world of podcasting."

Key Features of The Women’s Podcast Industry Network:

-A supportive community that encourages collaboration and mentorship
-Workshops and resources focused on both podcasting excellence and personal well-being
-Networking opportunities with experienced professionals in the podcasting industry
-Recognition of the diverse voices and perspectives of women and non-binary individuals

Join Us in Redefining Success

Avant Haüs Media invites women and non-binary podcasters and podcast professionals to join The Women’s Podcast Industry Network and be part of a movement that values purpose, collaboration, and well-being. Together, let's redefine success for women and non-binary people in the podcasting world.

For Media Inquiries:
Christina Barsi
Founder & CEO
Avant Haüs Media

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